Hello,  I am Naomi . I am 32 years old and a parent of 3 children (2 male and 1 female). I am a farmer and grow millet and atcha. I also rear pigs. My community Gobbiya has a population of about 10,005 people. One of the saddest moments of my life was when I lost my loving husband in 2006. But today I am so excited to tell you that in 2010, ActionAid and local partner FAWOYDI put smiles on the face of my family by supporting my son Bamiyi with 2 piglets (male and female).  His story was told in 2012.  During the time we receive this support from ActionAid, 4 other families also benefitted from the support.

Today we are telling you another success story of our life. We are happy to tell you that our pigs have increased to a total number of 20 (11 pigs, 2 pregnant ones and 1 that has delivered 6 more piglets). We are benefitting from that support today as we have started generating income from the sell of the pigs. We do not have challenges in taking care of daily needs, payment of the children’s’ school fees and buying of their school materials like bags, sandals, books and also  buying of  my agricultural inputs like fertilizers and seedlings. I sell a big pig for about N25, 000 ($147.05) while the piglets is sold for N16,000 ($95). In 2013 I sold 3 big pigs and 6 piglets and generated an income of about N163, 000

My greatest joy is that I have started the construction of my own house in my community. This was made possible after I and my children agreed on what to do with the profits generated from our sales. I bought a land, molded about 450 local blocks which was be used for the house construction. The house is already constructed up to lintel level which I also hope to complete it in the upcoming year.

I am very grateful to ActionAid and partner FAWOYDI for making us feel the joy of a world full of love and care. “The only limitation to my realization of tomorrow will be my doubts of today for a change”