There are significant benefits connected with partnering with an INGO such as ActionAid. Here are the Top Ten;

1. Our Approach:

We believe our approach to development is the most effective way to help transform lives of people living in poverty.

2. Transparency & Accountability:

We’re committed to being open and honest about every aspect of what we do, with all the people we work with.

3. Experience & Expertise

Founded over 40 years ago, ActionAid International has programmes in over 43 countries. In Nigeria, we have been implementing poverty eradication programmes since 1999 and are currently implementing programmes across 34 states in Nigeria.asy Paleo Coconut Flour Banana Bread – Food Faith Fitness methyltrienolone GoodLife Fitness under fire after sending controversial email 

4. Value for Money:

Ever conscious of the fact that funding for implementation of our programs is made available to us at some opportunity cost, ActionAid has subsisting policies and systems in place that ensures we are prudent with donor funds.

5. Respected & Trustworthy:

ActionAid is well respected and ranked among the top international development organizations by reputation, size and scope both globally and in Nigeria.

6. Efficiency & Impact:

We work with communities to uncover their most pressing needs and then intervene accordingly. We also build their capacity to successfully engage relevant government authorities to ensure the sustainability of our interventions. For instance, ensuring the running costs (teachers’ salaries) of schools are provided for in subsequent LG/State budgets.

7. Supporting indigenous NGO’s:

We have a track record of being probably the only International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) that expends considerable resources in developing the capacity of indigenous NGO’s in terms of providing training and putting in place the right structures, systems and processes to enable them deliver on their mandates and ensure better value for money.

8. Increase Brand Loyalty:

A partnership with an INGO of ActionAid’s stature presents a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate commitment to corporate social responsibility, boost staff morale and increase customer loyalty. Depending on the value of the partnership, benefits may also include rights to property marks and our logo.

9. Deepen Market Penetration:

Because we work in some of the most excluded and difficult to reach communities in Nigeria, partnering with ActionAid offers opportunities to deepen the penetration of your products and service.

10. Passionate & Committed:

The opportunity to make meaningful change in Nigeria and the world is our chief driving force.