Entering The Restricted Space: First Woman In The Kaltungo Leadership Council

Kaltungo Chiefdom is one of the communities in Gombe state where the right of women and girls were not recognized. Issues such as rape, battery, denial of inheritance, male child preference, denial of educational opportunities, women exclusion in decision making at family and community levels, and harmful widowhood practices were prevalent.

ActionAid Nigeria and her partner, Kningtingale Women Health Initiative (KWHI) implemented strategic activities to bring an end to these right abuse through the SLOC-VAWG project in Kaltungo community.

At the heart of these interventions were intensive and rigorous engagements, training and sensitisation with women, men, children, religious and traditional leaders. Proudly, the Village Council has appointed the first female into the Council, the highest decision-making body in the chiefdom.

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‘‘The flood in Kainawa community started as a result of an over-flowed river close to the community and my parents, siblings and I had to evacuate to a high land for safety.

My father later returned to their flooded house with the aim of getting some clothing and other necessary items that could be needed during in our new location but sadly, the house collapsed while he was inside.

It was after some hours that we didn’t see him return that we raised an alarm. Sadly, they found him buried under the rubble, and brought him out but he died while we were on our way to the hospital.

My mother is still distraught, we have lost our farm and all our belongings. As the eldest child, I now have the responsibility to taking care of my sick mother.

With the money and other items we were provided with by ActionAid, I will be able to fund my mother’s medication, provide food for my siblings and cultivate my father’s land when the water dries up” 20-yr-old Katimi, at Kainawa community, Miga LGA, Jigawa

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The Narrow Escape

‘’I was 8 months pregnant when the community started getting flooded. We had nowhere to go so we stayed. The flood eventually got very heavy, and it brought down our house. I realized I couldn’t find my son after the house collapsed, only to hear his groans from under the rubble of a collapsed wall. I tried to save him, but my strength failed me. I eventually called for help, and he was rescued after about 2 hours.

I cried because I thought that my son was dead. He was rescued by a youth who could swim. They broke the bricks into pieces to bring out my son. My three-year-old son had gulped in a large quantity of water and community members quickly took him to the house of a community nurse for medical attention because the flood had submerged our community hospital.

When words came back to me that he was alive, I cried even more.

My husband is a Farmer but the flood has submerged his farm too. We no longer have a sustainable source of livelihood. Although, we have temporarily moved to a community that is on a highland and I hope the floods rescind quickly for us to start rebuilding our lives. My husband goes to town daily to do menial jobs so that we can eat. The cash for food from ActionAid will help us for the next three to four weeks.’’ Hasiba, Duiwigi Community, Gwiwa LGA, Jigawa State.

She is one of the 1200 women provided with emergency response kits and cash for food in Jigawa amidst the 2022 flood.

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