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Tuesday 26-Feb-2019

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My name is Ungwa, I am 10-years-old, and I live with my grandmother. With the help of ActionAid’s Gift Omoniwa, I am delighted to tell you how your support to ActionAid has contributed to changing my life.


My grandmother told me that when I was very young, I started experiencing regular convulsions which resulted in me not being able to use either of my legs and one of my hands. My mother had to carry me around all the time. She couldn’t cope with my disability and left me with my grandmother who now cares for me.


I have never attended school because it is very difficult for me to move around. I would cry every time I saw my friends and cousins go to school. I always wished I could do the things they did like running, walking, playing games, skipping and even going to school.


My grandmother is getting older and I’m getting heavier as I get older. She is finding it harder and harder to carry me everywhere. Sometimes she has to drag me which has left me with sores. I have learned to crawl, but I end up very dirty trying to move around on the floor.
Ungwa (centre) with her father and grandmother at her house


ActionAid has been working in my community helping people living with a disability. I was unsure how they could help me but was happy to learn that I had rights and could receive benefits and support from the government and other organisations.

To be able to access these benefits you have to be registered with Joint National Association of Persons with Disability (JONAPWD). ActionAid supported people with disabilities in my community to register, including me, so we could receive mobility equipment and benefits.


To my surprise, ActionAid and a lady from the government gave me and other people with disabilities in my community a wheelchair each. I was so happy to receive it and my grandmother was too.


I no longer have to crawl on the floor or be dragged around and I no longer look dirty. My cousins and friends are also happy to push me around. The best news ever came just a few weeks ago – ActionAid has registered me at my local school!



I am so happy. ActionAid has brought me so much joy and my life has changed forever. I now have a wheelchair, I am registered with the government, so I’ll continue to receive help and I’m going to school. I’m so grateful, thank you!

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