Help children like Murdiya fulfil their quest for education
"Marriage has never been a high priority for me. A bout of polio I had as a child left my legs severely stunted so I consider myself lucky to be able to walk at all. In a region where women with disabilities often face prejudice from potential suitors, I decided to put all my energy into gaining an education.

If I had not gone to school my parents would have sent me to go and beg but I’m grateful through ActionAid’s sensitisation on the importance of education, my parents have been my biggest supporters in my quest for education. However, since my graduation from secondary school two years ago they have not had the financial means to send me to university. If I was to follow my disability, I wouldn’t have gone to secondary school at all because the trek to Warrah [where the secondary school is located] is too long but I endured it through.

I have it in mind to return to school so it doesn’t matter what I have to endure; I will do it.

More needs to be done in order to ensure equal access to opportunities for millions of children with disabilities in Nigeria and indeed all persons living with both physical and invisible disabilities.

With your help, you will help children like me fulfil their quest for education and reduce the discrimination and abuse of our right." Murdiya Sani – Activista Nigeria's member, Kebbi State