Help Children like Kaltume keep their hope alive
Kaltume is the third child of four children. She does not know how old she is. She lives with her mother Aishatu Ibrahim, her father died three years ago. Kaltume does not go to school. She would like to go to school but her mother can only afford to send her brother Abba. Kaltume hawks 'wara' which is food made by her mother to help the family make a living. When she is not hawking, Kaltume likes to hopscotch, play with dolls and play in the sand. When she grows up, Kaltume would like to work in a hospital. “I support my family by hawking ‘wara’ in the market. When I ask my mother when she will enrol me in school, she says she will do that one day. I continue to live in that hope”. Like Kaltume, 10.5million children in Nigeria are out of school. Help children like Kaltume keep their hope alive.