15 year old Idorenyin is a student in AkwaIbom State.

‘One Saturday morning, I went to my uncle house like I always do, to help him with the house chores. Immediately I finished, he requested I brought his wristwatch to his room where he was. I was very scared when he hastily locked the door when I went in. He tried to persuade me to lie in bed with him but I refused not even with all the juicy offers he was promising me. I feared he would rape me but I was ready to negotiate my way out and appeal to his conscience after all, ActionAid had trained me other girls on how to escape such situations. I was also ready to fight! For my right and dignity.’


35% rate of the Adolescents Idorenyin’s community have since been a victim of different forms of abuse leading to teenage pregnancy, early marriage, sexually transmitted disease and increase in drop-out rate.


In Nigeria, 4 in 10 girls experience sexual violence. 1 in 6 girls experience emotional violence before age 18 and only 4 per cent of abused kids get needed help. Three-quarters of the suicide bombers in the north east have been girls.


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