Wednesday 04-Nov-2020

Zainab lives in Rindebe. She relocated to this settlement with her family seeking for an opportunity to rebuild their lives after Boko Haram invasion in her community, Maffa, Borno State.  She wishes for nothing more than to go to school and be able to speak English like the NGOs workers that visit her community. She would love to be a teacher in future, but Zainab is afraid, her dream of becoming a teacher will never be realized because her parents cannot afford the expenses.

Children like Zainab face the risk of not realizing their potentials without an education.

ActionAid Nigeria’s Child Sponsorship is already changing lives of children like Zainab.

Your sponsorship today would help us reach more children like Zainab.

Sponsor a child with ActionAid for just N5,000 per month and you would make a huge difference to a child in need.

Together, we can make sure no child is left behind.

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