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Smallholder women farmers rely on Agriculture in Kwagal
Thursday 20-Jul-2017
Small holder women farmers making a living from Agriculture

A smallholder woman farmer in Kwagal


“80 % of the food production from Agriculture, comes from smallholder farmers, who are mostly rural women but they do not have access and control over all land and productive resources.”  

Smallholder women farmers in Kwagal are struggling to access credit facilities, farm inputs that they need to improve their livelihoods. These women, by and large, operate with the most rudimentary tools while labour saving devices benefit mostly men.


They labour so much to maintain the farms but at the end, they might not get enough profit as expected because they lack access to market due to bad roads especially during the rainy season. They are forced to consume their farm produce to minimize loss.


Adequate access to production resources among women farmers is needful if food production rates are to be enhanced in Nigeria. You too can donate in support of small holder women farmers in poor and excluded communities around Nigeria where ActionAid works.

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