Born to die? (Untold story of children born to die)

Twins, children of multiple births, those who grow their upper teeth first, children with down syndrome or birth defects are considered evil and killed in 57 communities across FCT. The method of killing involves burying them alive, poisoning, starving or suffocating to death.

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The spirit of Pepesa

Pepesa had been largely anonymous until ActionAid came through for them, exposing them to the rudiments of advocacy as a strong tool for social change. “Before now, our roads were terrible, bushes all over the place that no one would believe there is a community in this area, but ActionAid taught us how to talk to the government and constantly remind them of their promises, to ensure they respond”. Says Hajiya Abdul. “The road construction has started, and it is easier to transport our farm produce and firewood to the market for sales. Patronage has increased and we can now feed our families well and send our children to school”. Agnes Halilu (women leader) attested.

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