Improving Girls Education in Ovuoba Community
Saturday 31-Dec-2016

Thank you Action says Chika Faith, 14, from Ovuoba community in Ebonyi state.
I finished my primary education in 2013 but couldn’t proceed to secondary school because there is none in my community and my parents were not comfortable that I go to secondary school outside the community especially because it is almost 5km away. They feared that it was not safe for me and they would not be able to monitor me while I am out of the community since I am not yet 18.
While I was at home, I was just helping my parents with house chores, on the farm and in selling the farm produce. It was very boring and I didn’t like that a lot of boys were going to school while about 90% of my girl-friends and I were not. I felt like the entire community was against the girl-child in the community.
I was very happy when ActionAid started the sensitisation for our parents on the importance of girl-child education. I will like to believe that all the girls like me that were not going to school felt as if ActionAid wasoursaviour. A lot of families learnt from the sensitisation that education is actually our rights – every child’s right and not the right of boys alone. Then they trained people on how to engage government to come and build a school in our community.
My joy became fullwhengovernment started the school construction and was completed early 2016. I finally resumed in secondary school this year after 2 years at home. I used to be afraid that my dream of becoming a doctor was dead but I am happy ActionAid has kept my hope alive again.
Thank you ActionAid.

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