Help Send our Girls to School.

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Combating Poverty in Nigeria

We focus on supporting people living in exclusion, people others forget.

ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights for all and defeat poverty. We prioritise works with the poor and excluded, promoting values and commitment in civil society, institutions and governments with the aim of achieving structural changes to eradicate injustices and poverty in the world.


Blocks of Classrooms


Health Centre


Women Beneficiaries


Recipient Communities

3 Years of Creating Change

Community Sponsorship© is a platform through which to make regular (monthly/annual) donations in a structured way in support of ActionAid’s work of lifting the most impoverished and excluded communities across the country out of poverty.

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Stories of Change

Promoting Girl Child Education in Ovuoba!

There are many reasons children don’t go to school. For some children, like Amauche, it’s because her class was overcrowded and 2 different level shared just a classroom.
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Our Campaign

Upcoming Event

Empower Communities and Create Change

We can’t keep waiting for the surprise donation of millions of Naira from a
philantropist. The hungry children cannot wait; the sick pregnant women cannot wait; the homeless, jobless vulnerable fathers cannot wait.

Join the Movement - Y2K CLUB

We have created the Y2K Club as a dedicated platform for you and others who SIGN UP TO HELP people living in poor and excluded communities.

Join Our Fight Against Infanticide in Communities
Across Nigeria.

160 children from 52 communities were recently rescued from te fang of death, and we are raising funds to build a home for them, provide the education they need to thrive, and most importantly, put an end to this inhumane act in these communities