The Right to Just and Democratic Governance is focused on strengthening the principle and practice of just and democratic governance, by deepening participation, accountability and decentralization.

The theme works to advocate people-centered policies leading to provision of public services, combating corruption, increasing government and civil society accountability and capacity to engage in critical issues.

At the moment SCEEP (Strengthening Citizen Engagement in the Electoral Process) developing the Community Development Charter (CDC) across the 180 communities in Nigeria. The development of the community charter is an empowering process that gives communities an insight into the challenges they face as a people.

It is a process that equips them with the right skills to bring about the solutions to these challenges and subsequently mobilizing their own active agency as a people and recognizing the inherent power they possess as a group to bring about change

Some past interventions include the promotion of transparency and accountability in state and non-state institutions using the Economic Literacy and Budget Accountability for Governance (ELBAG) tool; accountability and transparency in the election process; community advocacy and empowerment; deepen legislative engagement on women’s issues.