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Crippled from birth, Tersoo sees a bleak future
Tuesday 13-Feb-2018
Tersoo crippled from birth

Tersoo, crippled from birth is eager to learn a skill


Crippled from birth, Tersoo originally from Tse-Dambwe, Goma LGA, Benue State and  the fourth out of six children was only able to complete primary education. Right now his frustration has been compounded by the herdsmen clash as there is no family member around to support and care for him.

All his family members are in the camp. Now, more than ever, Tersoo sees a bleak future and is eager to learn a skill, preferably tailoring. He said They have given me mattress and we have water. If i can get a wheel chair, I will feel better. Since I was born, I have been walking with my hands. The long distance trek from my community to this place has made my hand sore and the clinic here has not been able to help me treat it.’’


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