ActionAid donate medical supplies to Ikota basic health centre in Ondo State
Ikota basic health centre serves about 1200 people of the community. However, during  the past 1 year, the provisions of medical supplies to the health centre have been quite slow from the ministry of health through the health unit of the local gove...
Empowered Under the Mahogany Tree
The apprehension of starting a new job got to me, like it would any other person, as I sat on the flight to Abuja. I was headed to the ActionAid’s head office for my induction, and had all the typical concerns: Would I fit in? What if I didn’t do...
Abdi’s Story
Abdi is 12 years old and lives with his uncle in northern Nigeria. He has epilepsy and often has to miss school because he suffers from seizures. Abdi has difficulty talking but his uncle Abdullah understands him very well. Abdi’s uncle says ‘Ab...