ActionAid donate medical supplies to Ikota basic health centre in Ondo State
Saturday 31-Dec-2016

Ikota basic health centre serves about 1200 people of the community. However, during  the past 1 year, the provisions of medical supplies to the health centre have been quite slow from the ministry of health through the health unit of the local government.

 About 80% of the residents in the community are now left with the option of going to the state capital to access health care at the state hospital. The state hospital is over 20km away from the community and most of the community members could not afford to transport them to the State capital.

It is also pathetic to note that the rate at which community members engage inself medication is on the increase. It was reported that about five children lost their lives due to wrong medications administered by their parent. There was also another report of 4 pregnant women who lost their babies in the quest for access to health care outside the community.

In the bid to resolve these problems, ActionAid through her local partner Justice Development and Peace Centre (JDPC) provided medical supplies worth over One Hundred Thousand naira to the healthcentre in Ikota. The objective of the support was to help reduce child mortality in the community and provide support to pregnant women.

Medical sensitisation for was alsoorganised for two hundred and sixty one(261) people in the community which included (67 children; 119 women; 75 men). And a free medical check-up and treatment was also organised for participants and mosquito nets were distributed to 75 households who had children below 5 years of age.
Jumoke one of the beneficiaries and a nurse serving in the community healthcentre narrated the experience of the community members before the support of ActionAid. “The health centre lacks basic medical supplies. Though, the ward health development committee had been trained in the past on how to demand medical supplies for the health centre which has been working until recently when a new government came into power and the provision of the medical supplies became slow.
Before, about 90% of the community actually access health care from this healthcentre but since we lack medical supplies, we hardly have people come by to see the health workers because we always told them to go and buy medicines which they cannot afford. In the quest for patients to access free health care, they travel to the state capital, Akure which is over 1 hour away to access health care. We have had instances where pregnant women fell into labour on their way to the state hospital, and we have even had a child died of infection. All of these would have been treated at the health centre if we had medical supplies.

Thanks to ActionAid for the provision of drugs, and other medical supplies, we are back to work now. I used to be very sad when I hear of a death case which could have been preventable if we had supplies. Since ActionAid provided the medical supplies, the healthcentre is back to work now, we haven’t recorded a single death case in the last 6 months. The free medical test and treatment is also a relief and has brought succour to the community. Since 2015 ActionAid has been supporting the health centre. By the time we took delivery of the supply from the government in a couple of months later it made us realize we now have excess which is a good thing – we now have enough medical supplies to last us till government provides us with the next delivery.
Thank you. ActionAid.

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