Yusuf Muhammed narrated his ordeal before the intervention of Action Aid.
Saturday 31-Dec-2016


Yusuf Muhammed, 57, a farmer and a native of Aboro community in Sanga LGA of Southern Kaduna narrated his ordeal before the intervention of Action Aid.

“The death of my two children Gambo Yusuf (17years) andYahuza Yusuf (15 years) as a result of the communal clash will remain indelible in my heart.
It was alleged that an earlier attack on FardanKarshi Police Station by some unknown people led to the death of some youths. The bereaved youths mobilized themselves for a reprisal attack within Fardan Kashi community but it was quick to spread to Aboro community which led to the death of my children. I lost several castles and my farm was destroyed. It became very difficult for people in the entire community to eat and we all begged each other for food. Since the event occurred in 2014, no government agency organization came to visit us to provide food for us. I hardly had my bath because there was no soap and my children and I was always looking dirty. The “MIYETI Allah (Fulani Association) took the case to the state government but nothing came out of it, they were silent on our plight.
Things changed when ActionAid visited my community last year. They brought bags of rice, plenty food, clothes and soap for people in my community. I have been able to have my bath regularly and now wear new clothes thanks to ActionAid. Our children are no longer hungry; we now have food to eat. Thank you ActionAid, you saved us, you saved our community. You are the first organization to bring relief materials to our community. Thank you ActionAid.”

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